Welcome to Handy Maid

Welcome to Handy Maid

Caters all of your

Professional Cleaning Needs

Let Us Do The Dirty Work

There are a million reasons why we can’t seem to get the house cleaned. No helper, running kids, not enough time or for whatever reason, you just don’t wanna do it. It’s a dirty job and it has to be done NOW!!! No More Stress!!! Let Handy Maid do the dirty work for you.

Handy Maid is a Professional Cleaning organization that sends a team of dependable,
certified, well- trained home cleaners to your house so you can just enjoy the free time you have.

Sit back, relax and let us clean your home for you so you can enjoy living in it. A nice clean house make a happy home.

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cleaning made easy for you…

Quick Clean

Your home needs a quick scrub down and you just can’t stand the mess anymore, Let us do the Dirty work for you.

Deep Cleaning

You can hardly breathe seeing the crud, the thick build up in the bath or kitchen scum. Whether you want a complete Spring Cleaning or you need the house to look Shiny and new, Let Us DO the Dirty work for you. Your house will be looking so sharp in no time.

Laundry Service

All you gotta do is pack up your dirty laundry and we will pick it up, wash, dry & fold your clothes, and bring it right to your doorstep.

Party Assistance

We Love to party, it would be so much more fun if we had some help, right? Whether you need us to help you set up, help you in the kitchen with prepping the ingredients, wash the dishes or clean up after, anything, Let Us Do the Dirty Work. You can hire our party assistants for 4 hours or 8 hours and do whatever you need help with.

What our clients says:

  • My husband & I love to host parties. My husband does all the cooking so we usually get Handy Maid Party Assistance to help do the chopping and washing the dishes after. We can enjoy our party without the hassle later, Thanks so much Handy Maid, more parties to come.

    Lydia, Davao City
  • My mom is 70 years old and lives alone. I sometimes worry about her being too tired, so I contact Handy Maid to let them go to her house and clean once a week, so my mom doesn’t have to do it. I pay them online and my mom is always so thankful for the gift.

    Amaya, Hong Kong
  • I have a few Air BnB rentals in Davao and while I am here in the US, I can email Handy Maid to clean before and after each bookings. So convenient and so easy. I never have to worry about my condos being unkept.

    Marie A, San Diego, CA
  • Handy Maid is a god-send. They are very thorough and very reliable. They clean my house once a week and my house always smells so fresh.

    Janet V, Davao City

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